Science & Technology Diplomatic Circle Events


January 2020: Annual Meeting to Discuss Future Activities
Hosted by: German Consulate of Boston
Attendees: Canada, Colombia, Italy, Germany, Québec, Netherlands, Mexico, Switzerland, Turkey, Wallonia (Belgium)

February 2020: Visit to Tufts Silk Lab
Hosted by: Netherlands and Wallonia
Attendees: Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Germany, Québec, Mexico, Netherlands, Turkey, Wallonia

April 2020: Virtual COVID-19 Event with Virologist from Taiwan as well as the Consuls-General of Denmark and South Korea
Hosted by: Germany, Québec and Taiwan

May 2020: S&T DC Internal Best Practices Meeting
Hosted by: Germany and Québec
Attendees: Austria, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Québec, Switzerland, Taiwan, Wallonia